C O M M E R C I A L  &   C H A R A C T E R   R E E L S

Huffington Post,  “Jack Nicholson is a popular pick amongst even the most amateur impersonators. And while Quinton Kappel’s Nicholson is spot on, so are the other 104 of his impressions. From Gandalf to The Joker, Kappel covers them all in the wonderful video above, which is well worth six minutes of your day.” Carol Hartsell

Yahoo!, “Who aren’t you? That’s a better question to ask impressionist Quinton Kappel than the more often heard ‘Who are you?’… While the sheer volume and range alone are impressive, Kappel is actually pretty spot-on with most of the characters.” Henry Baker

IMDB, “…the likelihood is that none of the three of you have the skills of a gentleman by the name of Quinton Kappel in the above video, who can trot out 105 rock solid impersonations of various legendary actors and obscure cartoon characters in a mere six minutes and 25 seconds.” Nick Blake

T H E   M A S H U P   R A D I O   P O D C A S T   I N T E R V I E W

Sawyer and Lina of “The Mashup” at WMFO Tufts radio invites Quinton, Ian Mckellan, and Gollum onto the airwaves.  Fellow guest stars and stand up comics from New York: Matt Stofsky and Clay Grable. Be on the look out for them and their live comedy at “The Fun Fun Fun Show.” Episode 6: October 30 2011 by The Mashup on Mixcloud