FORTHCOMING: “M E M B E R S    O F    T H E    P U B L I C”    &     “P R E T E N D I N G”

“A    D A T E L E S S    B A R G A I N    W I T H    E N G R O S S I N G    D E A T H” | A play written by John Minigan and adapted by Quinton Kappel. Starring Cameron Cronin and Noah Simes. 

“N O I S E” | A play written by John Minigan and adapted by Quinton Kappel. Starring William Reinhold Schuller and Joshua Wright

“A    M O N O G A M Y    O F    S W A N S” | A play written by John Minigan and adapted by Quinton Kappel. Starring Marge Dunn and Hayley Sherwood. 

“B R E A K F A S T” | Having a dinosaur as a pet has its ups and downs. 

“M E A T   T H E    T H I E F” | Beware of Dinosaur. 

“W O O E R S” | A look behind male composure.

“N E C K T I E” | Durational video performance piece about fear. 

“T H E    W I T C H K I N G” | (Creator/Actor/Amorer) An improvisatory mock-umentary about the life in the day of the Witch King of Angmar from The Lord of the Rings. 

“B U L O O N S” | Durational video performance piece about eating disorders. 

“H A B I T U A R Y” | Duration video performance piece about routine. 

“H O M E    M O V I E” | Over 30 hours of found footage was utilized in this piece. A 12-minute onslaught of familial ritual.

“F O R T H” | A brief horrific experiment. Close to 20 gallons of fake blood were utilized in the creation of this piece. Actor: Brian Cowe. 

“K R A MP U S   N A C H T” | A promotional video for Tufts University’s sketch comedy group Major: Undecided. Members of “Majors” find themselves hunted by the Krampus, a demon of Germanic Christmas lore.

“F R E U D I A N    S L I P S” | A disturbing relationship between a patient and his doctor unfolds. Starring comedians Clay Grable and Mitch Friedman of the Fun Fun Fun Show. 

“M O T O R C Y C L E S” | (Voice actor) Clay can’t sleep. 

“T H E    M O U T H” | (Production designer/Actor) A Thoughtless Production collaboration. Check out their body of work and get involved in their upcoming projects here.

P R O D U C T I O N    P H O T O S